Thursday, July 25, 2013

Discussion Post: Things I Should I Done When Blogging

This Week's Topic:
"Things I Should Have Done"

As a blogger, you always wonder what should I have done to get more comments, followers, etc on my blog. For me I definitely should have been more focused on content rather than design. Here are my list of things I should have done starting to blog.

"Content Rather Than Design" 
Starting off blogging, I was so focused on m my design, getting it perfect  with a sidebar filled with eye catching widgets, content fell and dropped. It's vital to have great content, knock out those reviews even though you don't get comment, people read it. Once you establish yourself for a good 2-3 months, hit up the design. Get a blog makeover, with custom blog buttons, etc. Content over design first. 

It will definitely help lower the stress level :) 

"Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook"
Goodreads, twitter, and Facebook were three places a blogger should definitely establish themselves. 
-Goodreads is good for reaching out to authors, vital for book reviews, and book clubs. It's like Facebook for book readers in a way. 
-Twitter is vital and super important in reaching out to big name publishers, authors, bloggers, and readers alike. I never found a blogger without a twitter, and if you don't have one make one. 
-Facebook even though it's know for family and friends, it's also a great place to set up a blog page and meet your readers and have chats on posts. It's very fun and super social :)
In addition, every blogger needs social icons on their sidebar so any blogger, author, or publisher willing to get into contact with you can find you easily. 

Formatting is one thing I should have done sooner when I first started to blog. It's so important to have a format for your reviews like pages, publisher, published date, etc. It's also great to have a Word doc, with your format template for reviews or any type of posts. This absolutely helped me a lot and it's better than opening up new tabs to grab the button or format. It's a lifesaver!


I use this for my reviews:

Title with Author
Date Released:

It's also important reviews and post have the same consistency  Sit down and take a moment to see the way you want your post to be. Having the perfect formatting helps your blog so much in the future, and soon you'll see how easy it is to write up reviews and posts. 

These are my things I should have done when I first started to blog and hopefully you can improve your blog even better :) Also, if you have any ideas for discussion posts, comment below and it might be a post!


  1. I am impressed your blog because your blog words is very impressiveness for business growths so thanks a lot for sharing this

  2. This is a very good post Patrick :) And can be really helpful for new bloggers!

    Janina @ Synchronized Reading


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