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Waiting on Wednesday (#61) - We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

Waiting on Wednesday is Hosted by Jill @ Breaking The Spine
We Were Liars
GoodReads Summary: A beautiful and distinguished family.
A private island.
A brilliant, damaged girl; a passionate, political boy.
A group of four friends—the Liars—whose friendship turns destructive.
A revolution. An accident. A secret.
Lies upon lies.
True love.
The truth.

We Were Liars is a modern, sophisticated suspense novel from National Book Award finalist and Printz Award honoree E. Lockhart.

Read it.
And if anyone asks you how it ends, just LIE.
Why I'm Waiting For It: I just read reviews for We Were Liars and I SO badly want to pick this one up! I hope it turns out to be a great novel and I heard the ending is killer! I NEED this now!

We Were Liars hits shelves on May 13, 2014 from Delecorte Press

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 Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Goodreads

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Fresh Off The Press (#21): April 29 - May 4

Welcome to Fresh Off The Press! It’s where I'll showcase all the great books hitting shelves in a week. These are all YA titles and hope you get to pick them up soon! These books are releasing from (April 29 - May 4)
The Treatment (Program Series #2) by Suzanne Young: Book CoverSweet Reckoning (Sweet Trilogy Series #3) by Wendy Higgins: Book CoverThe Taking by Kimberly Derting: Book Cover
Tease by Amanda Maciel: Book CoverTiger Eyes by Judy Blume: Book CoverExile by Kevin Emerson: Book Cover

Goddess by Josephine Angelini: Book CoverGorgeous by Paul Rudnick: Book CoverFrench Kiss by Sarra Manning: Book Cover
The Boyfriend App by Katie Sise: Book CoverThe Fault in Our Stars by John Green: Book CoverLife After Theft by Aprilynne Pike: Book Cover
The Sweet Revenge of Celia Door by Karen Finneyfrock: Book Cover
Those are the great books releasing today! Hope you head to your nearest bookstore and pick up some great reads!

Monday, April 28, 2014

A New Take: Ask Me - Kimberly Pauley

Ask MeAsk Me by Kimberly Pauley
Date Released: April 8, 2014
Publisher: Soho Teen

Pages: 304 pages
Format: ARC
Source: From Author
Rating: Liked!
Series: Standalone!

Goodreads SynopsisAsk Aria Morse anything, and she must answer with the truth. Yet she rarely understands the cryptic words she‘s compelled to utter. Blessed—or cursed—with the power of an Oracle who cannot decipher her own predictions, she does her best to avoid anyone and everyone.

But Aria can no longer hide when Jade, one of the few girls at school who ever showed her any kindness, disappears. Any time Aria overhears a question about Jade, she inadvertently reveals something new, a clue or hint as to why Jade vanished. But like stray pieces from different puzzles, her words never present a clear picture.

Then there’s Alex, damaged and dangerous, but the first person other than Jade to stand up for her. And Will, who offers a bond that seems impossible for a girl who’s always been alone. Both were involved with Jade. Aria may be the only one who can find out what happened, but the closer she gets to solving the crime, the more she becomes a target. Not everyone wants the truth to come out.

From Goodreads


*Big thanks for Kimberly for the review copy!*
Ask Me by Kimberly Pauley was a great book. I enjoyed it from beginning to end and I was so surprised on how good it turned out! Definitely looking out for more of Pauley’s books!
In Ask Me we meet Aria Morse, with the gift to answer everything someone asks her. The gift has been passed from her gram to her mom and now to Aria. I actually thought of how cool this would be if I had it, then again you might accidentally spill out things you don’t want to say so I take it back J I liked Aria a lot, she had a cool and relaxed personality, but in moments where the plot heated she still had her cool. The whole concept of Ask Me worked well! I love the idea and it was fairly executed properly, but it did need work on explaining Aria’s gift more and possibly more of her family’s history too? Overall, job well done.
What caught my eye in the book was how each chapter had its song own! I found it fun and inventive and I actually never seen this done! Plus, it gets you connected to the story and characters more. Definitely recommend you listening to some of the songs for each chapter!
Action was lacking for me in Ask Me, even with its fairly great ending. Everything came together smoothly and it actually FLOWED! Most novels that have strong ideas lack in bring the whole. story together in the end, but Ask Me did it great. The characters came together, Aria realizing what her gift truly was, was all exciting to read! I recommend this book if you are a fan of dark paranormals in YA. Be on the lookout for this one!
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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Waiting on Wednesday (#60) - Free to Fall by Lauren Miller

Waiting on Wednesday is Hosted by Jill @ Breaking The Spine
Free to Fall

Goodreads Summary: What if there was an app that told you what song to listen to, what coffee to order, who to date, even what to do with your life—an app that could ensure your complete and utter happiness? What if you never had to fail or make a wrong choice?

What if you never had to fall?

Fast-forward to a time when Apple and Google have been replaced by Gnosis, a monolith corporation that has developed the most life-changing technology to ever hit the market: Lux, an app that flawlessly optimizes decision making for the best personal results. Just like everyone else, sixteen-year-old Rory Vaughn knows the key to a happy, healthy life is following what Lux recommends. When she’s accepted to the elite boarding school Theden Academy, her future happiness seems all the more assured. But once on campus, something feels wrong beneath the polished surface of her prestigious dream school. Then she meets North, a handsome townie who doesn’t use Lux, and begins to fall for him and his outsider way of life. Soon, Rory is going against Lux’s recommendations, listening instead to the inner voice that everyone has been taught to ignore — a choice that leads her to uncover a truth neither she nor the world ever saw coming.
Why I'm Waiting For It: I LOVE the concept! I think I can relate because I love apps especially on my iPhone and having it decide everything for you is intriging! *curious look* Plus there is a boarding school aspect which I really like and this one sounds like a promising debut this year.

Free Fall is hitting shelves from HarperTeen on May 13, 2014

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Fresh & Opening: Pointe - Brandy Colbert

PointePointe by Brandy Colbert
Date Released: April 10, 2014
Publisher: Penguin

Pages: 352 pages
Format: ARC
Source: For Review
Rating: LOVED (4 Stars)
Series: Standalone!

Goodreads Synopsis: Theo is better now.

She's eating again, dating guys who are almost appropriate, and well on her way to becoming an elite ballet dancer. But when her oldest friend, Donovan, returns home after spending four long years with his kidnapper, Theo starts reliving memories about his abduction—and his abductor.

Donovan isn't talking about what happened, and even though Theo knows she didn't do anything wrong, telling the truth would put everything she's been living for at risk. But keeping quiet might be worse.

From Goodreads
I am so happy I was given the chance to review Pointe by Brandy Colbert! I loved the book from beginning to end and it was a fresh filled book. Everything from the characters to the suspense had me hooked on each page. I cannot wait for what else Brandy has in store.
Pointe opens up with Theo, a ballerina who is slowly starting to have a better life. She is focusing hard on her ballet but when news of her best friend who has been missing for 4 years she questions her past. First off, I love how real and honest Pointe could have been in a real life situation. Theo was such a strong character, she really finds herself as you read the book. It had a fresh and clean plot that got straight to the point. The plot is what kept everything moving. Every situation Colbert placed Theo in was real. The emotion she conveyed, all of it was great and I felt myself in Theo's shoes.
The book also hits some series points from striving for the best, rape, and coming to terms. Pointe hit each one perfectly. The dynamics with Theo and herself was intense and racing. She was so focused with the future, she forgot to tie up the loose ends of her past. The rape aspect was done subtly and I liked how didn't take up the whole book. It wasn't strictly just on that topic. Even with the seriousness of the book, Theo and her friends lightened it up. Pointe is fresh and exciting and I'll know I will pick this one up again :)
Pointe is one of those emerging books in YA. It surprised me from the beginning to end and I fully recommend this book! Brandy Colbert has to be one of my favorite authors for 2014!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Fresh Off The Press (#20): April 21 - April 27

Welcome to Fresh Off The Press! It's where I'll showcase all the great books hitting shelves in a week. These are all YA titles and hope you get to pick them up soon! These books are releasing from April 21 - April 27
I am so sorry for the no show of posts last week! The weekend before, I was at the LA Festival of Books and I came home sooo tired. On top of that, I had homework. But I did manage to get my Blogaversary Post + Giveaway up :) This week will be great :)
Haroun and the Sea of Stories by Salman Rushdie: Book CoverVictories (Shadow Grail Series #4) by Mercedes Lackey: Book CoverThe Art of Secrets by James Klise: Book Cover
The Hunt (Project Paper Doll Series #2) by Stacey Kade: Book CoverExpiration Day by William Campbell Powell: Book Cover
Midwinterblood by Marcus Sedgwick: Book CoverTowering by Alex Flinn: Book CoverThe Rules for Disappearing by Ashley Elston: Book Cover
Don't Call Me Baby by Gwendolyn Heasley: Book CoverInvisibility by Andrea Cremer: Book CoverRules of Summer by Joanna Philbin: Book Cover
September Girls by Bennett Madison: Book CoverAnother Little Piece by Kate Karyus Quinn: Book CoverBorn of Illusion by Teri Brown: Book Cover
How I Got Skinny, Famous, and Fell Madly in Love by Ken Baker: Book Cover
And those are the amazing books being released this week! There is a great amount of amazing reads, I hope you pick a few of them up :)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Blogaversary: The Bookshelves is 3 Years Old! + Giveaway!

It's finally that time! It is The Bookshelves's 3 Year Blogaversary! Yes! I am super excited for the blog to be 3 years old and I had so much fun and memories!
I would first like to thank all my readers, followers, blogger friends, authors, and publishers for making this happen! I wish the very best for all you guys and thank you so much for being there every step, every post. *hugs then turns on music*
The Bookshelves is offically 3 years old.
473 Posts
66,101 Page Views
511 Followers on GCF
198 Followers on Bloglovin'
208 Twitter Followers
Thanks you so much! I thought I would honestly never get this far and I do remember all those bad thoughts when I first strated to blog. But here I am know and I'll tell you my secret: Keep on writing, blogging, and reading! If you think no one is reading because of no comments, there is a least one reader always reader your blog! Trust me!
But, what should I do to thank you guys? *looks around*
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank You so much!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Booking Through Music (#2) - Ask Me by Kimberly Pauley

Booking Through Music is my way to share my favorite songs with a book alongside. It could be a current song, one I just rediscovered, or just want to share this helps share that with readers! Booking Through Music is to connect to my readers more and you can also join in every Saturday!
I am really excited to be doing another Booking Through Music! For this week, my book is Ask Me by Kimberly Pauley. The music I picked were ones I just recently listened that fit the book perfectly.
Ask Me

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Waiting on Wednesday (#60) - Kiss of Broken Glass by Madeleine Kuderick

Waiting on Wednesday is Hosted by Jill @ Breaking The Spine
Kiss of Broken Glass

Goodreads Summary: After she’s caught in the school bathroom cutting herself with the blade from a pencil sharpener, fifteen-year-old Kenna is put under mandatory psychiatric watch. She has seventy-two hours to face her addiction, deal with rejection, and find a shred of hope.

Why I'm Waiting For It: I'm seeing a lot of deep, YA reads recently for WoWs and I had to pick Kiss of Broken Glass this week. Reviews for it were great and it sounds just a true and honest book, I cannot wait to pick it up soon. I also love how in one review, the author inlcuded a list of webistes and numbers to call if you are suicidal and it's great seeing the author really connect with that. I'm on the look out for this and the cover is great!

Kiss of Broken Glass will be hitting shelves on September 9, 2014 from HarperTeen!


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Fresh Off The Press (#19): April 8 - April 12

Welcome to Fresh Off The Press! It’s where I'll showcase all the great books hitting shelves in a week. These are all YA titles and hope you get to pick them up soon! These books are releasing from (April 8 - April 12)

Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor: Book CoverZom-B Mission by Darren Shan: Book CoverThe Here and Now by Ann Brashares: Book Cover
Noggin by John Corey Whaley: Book Cover
Prodigy (Marie Lu's Legend Series #2) by Marie Lu: Book CoverThe Fault in Our Stars by John Green: Book CoverThe Fault in Our Stars (Movie Tie-in) by John Green: Book Cover
Lies (Gone Series #3) by Michael Grant: Book CoverFear (Gone Series #5) by Michael Grant: Book CoverIf You Find Me by Emily Murdoch: Book Cover

If I Should Die by Amy Plum: Book CoverMystic City by Theo Lawrence: Book CoverIcons (Icons Series #1) by Margaret Stohl: Book Cover

Criminal by Terra Elan McVoy: Book Cover

Those are the amazing books releasing this week! Hope you check them out soon :)
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