Friday, March 15, 2013

Follow Friday (#19) - Reading Spots!

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Today's Question:
Activity! Hopefully warm weather for most of us is here soon…so tell us about your favorite outdoor reading spot. Or take a picture.
 My Answer:
I live in California and the weather is super hot! This whole week was 90 degrees in the afternoons but cold in the mornings! But my house was completely cold so it was strange and great all at the same time! I usually read in my room or anywhere I can get ahead on my books. I don't have a camera with me so I can't take a picuture but I can give you my reaction to this weather:

When I come home I do this

Then..when this heat is just too much:

Have a great Follow Friday! :)



  1. I hate hot weather, warm is ok but not hot! I just want to somehow crawl into my fridge and live there until it cools down... But I live in Canada so the weather isn't too bad most of the time.

    New follower
    Roxy @ Story Envy

  2. As I live in Australia, I'm just coming out of a hot summer so I totally get your reaction.

    New Follower :)

    My FF @ Marilyn's Mystery Blog

  3. Old follower here. I can't believe how hot it is there. Your coffee drenched neighbors a couple states above you are still dealing with 50 degree rain. I'm a couch reader no matter the weather. Here's my FF.

  4. New GFC Follower!
    Super happy that I found your blog and I'm looking forward to talking books with you.

  5. I don't do hot weather either. I live in South Africa and we are hopefully at the end of summer. Roll on the cold. So nice to see a guy blogger for a change. Very interested to see your take on the books we all read, so I'm going to follow by email and the usual ones. You can find me at:


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