Thursday, March 20, 2014

Discussion Post: What Happened To Originality?

This Week's Topic:
"What Happened to Originality?"
First off, what do YOU think is originality? Take a moment and actually think through about what it is.
*Originality - ability to think or express oneself in an independent and individual manner; creative ability (Taken from
Jennifer Lawrence Yeah OK
Your thinking..I got this. I'm orignal. But think back how many posts are true and you?
Coming from a blogger, blogging 2 years hard, I think originality is the thing that makes or breaks a blogger. Truly it does. Remember last year when plagiarism was all over the bloggingsphere and we all had to re-read everything to make sure it was OUR thoughts?
Yes, originality is super vital for every blogger. Newbie or experienced. Finding originality is a challenge in writing the art of reviews. Here are my 3 top ways to avoid plagiarism and retain originality:
1.) You Did WHAT Before Writing that Review?
I have a heads up on wiriting review. I almost never read any one else's opinions on a book if it's a book I need to review. I want to have my true feeling about it, not clouded by someone else's ideas. Doing this you both avoid plagiarism and you start to develop a new style of book reviews. And soon it will be a habit that will help you alot! But after writing that review feel free to read others! You also want a feel for what other bloggers thought of that book too and it helps you gain insight!
2.) Have Your Voice!
Every blogger has a voice in the blogging world no matter how experienced or least experienced you are. It's your unique style of writing, or design or even the way you say things that distinguishes you from others. Find the voice and stick with it!
3.) Don't Rush Think Through
Admit it, you had moments where your rushed to write a review to get SOMETHING up on your blog. While you may think that's good, remember the motto: "Quality over quantity" You may have a laundry list of posts but if half of them are crap, who's going to bother reading them? You can have 5 of the best posts a month and you can grow more than crappy, laundry list posts. Have posts you a proud of! Don't rush EVER!
Have posts you want to dance to because of how great it is! *dances*
 If you have any tips for originality tell me! And feel free to express your opinions below!


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