Saturday, March 29, 2014

Booking Through Music (#1) - The Ring and The Crown

Booking Through Music is my way to share my favorite songs with a book alongside. It could be a current song, one I just rediscovered, or just want to share this helps share that with readers! Booking Through Music is to connect to my readers more and you can also join in every Saturday!
I lately have been listening to a lot of great music! I think music when reading really helps bring the story and characters alive. And for this week's Booking Through Music I have:
-American by Lana Del Rey
-Drunk in Love by Beyonce ft. Jay Z
-Empire by Shakira
My Book:
The Ring and The Crown
The Ring and The Crown by Melissa de La Cruz
I think the songs I have above really hit the novel's emotions and the way the characters feel things. American by Lana Del Rey is one of my favorites it's definitely a must listen for this book!
Feel free to drop down in the comments your Booking Through Music!


  1. First time I've heard of Empire. I'm in love. :) How are you finding The Ring & the Crown?


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