Sunday, June 10, 2012

Stacking The Shelves (#28)-Surrender, Cinder, and Test

I'm finally back with a HUGE HAUL! There's about 15 book I received this week and last couple weeks ago combined. So its pretty huge and thanks so much to all the people and publicists who sent them! Thanks! :) Also, I'll be participating in Stacking The Shelves hosted @ Tyga Reads for the first time and I'll see how it goes. Or I might go back to IMB, depends.... :)

Last Week's Haul:

-The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda {Won from Nikki over from Fiction Freak! Thanks! Since I receieved two I'll be doing a giveaway soon for 200 followers! Look out! 0.0}
-Glimmer by Phoebe Katnidis {Won from Sarah @ I'm Loving Books. Thanks!}
-Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins {Won from Jen @ Jen Ryland/YA Romantics from her great freebie fridays! Thanks!}
-Cinder by Marissa Meyer {Won at my school}
-The Echantess by Michael Scott {Won from Random Buzzers! You guys should really join them to win free books! I finished it and loved it so so much!}
-Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers {So happy to win this from Kayla at her GR Bookclub K&M Review! Thanks a lot! I'm actually reading it and liking it a lot!}

Plus....Plus...So awesome swag from Kimberly Sabatini, author of Touching The Surface!

Swag Packs:

Thank you so much Kim! I love the signed bookmarks, the stickers, paper crane with the note,and  the bracelets! Thanks a lot! *cheers*  Look out for a giveaway also!

This week's Great Haul!

This week's haul was great! I won 2 of the books Surrender, from Elana's blog tour and Destined and receieved This Is Not A Test for review form Macmillian Publishing. Thanks! And swapped The Book of Blood and Shadow from Amelia for Eldest by Christopher Paolini, which I will ship this tommorow!
-Surrender by Elana Johnson: Won through her Blog Tour! Can't wait to dive into the series now, having book 1 and 2! For those who read it, how was it? :)
-Destined by Aprilyinnye Pike: Won from Sarah @ I'm Loving Books again! I love her giveaway! :) Thanks so much! And since I have Wings on my Nookcolor I better hop on the train!
-This Is Not A Test by Courtney Summers: For review by MacMillian Publishing! Thanks so much Lorren! This is my first Courtney Summers book and I'm so excited to read it! The cover is great and creepy! Reading this right after Grave Mercy!
-The Book of Blood and Shadow by Robin Wasserman. I heard this is like The Da Vinci Code but for Teen! How cool is that? *nods head*

So that's it for me! Now....What's YOUR Book Haul This Week? :)


  1. This Is Not A Test!! I'm jealous. Even though I'm afraid of zombies, I love Courtney Summers books and really want to read that one!

    Hope you enjoy all of them!

  2. Great group of books. Some I have not seen before. There is my post: Stacking the Shelves

  3. Great haul! Dying or Sweet Evil, Glimmer, Cinder, and This Is Not A Test. They are all on my TBR pile. Happy reading and thanks for stopping by!

  4. Great Haul! Glad ur enjoying Grave Mercy! :D

  5. Loved Cinder and Grave Mercy was pretty good :) I still need to read Sweet Evi!
    Great Haul

    My Haul :)

  6. You apparently have amazing luck! those are some AWESOME wins! I hope you like Grave Mercy, I thought it was AMAZING! But yeah, all of the books you have are either on my wishlist or sitting on the shelf just waiting for me to pick them I hope you enjoy all your awesome reads and have a great week!


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