Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Golden Lily Trivia Answers!

Before I tell you guys the answers, the winner of a copy of The Golden Lily was Tayte! Congrats and hope you enjoy your book a lot! :D *hands book*

So here an the answers for my trivia:
Question #1: Who Does Syndey date that's very similar to her?
a.) Brayden
b.) Trey
c.) Adrian

Question #2: Who joins the troupe that consist of Jill, Sydney, Micah, Eddie, and Angeline?
a.) Dimitri and Sonia
b.) Keith and Zoe
c.) Rose 
Question #3: What does the troupe (Jill, Sydney, Micah, Eddie) trying the find out on their next mission, their first ojective in the book?
a.) Finding Sydney's sister, Zoe
b.) Raiding the court to kill an assasin
c.) to discover why strigoi restored by spirit magic can't be turned again.

Question #4: What does Sydney question about herself?
a.) Looks
b.) Her trust with everyone
c.) Loyalty
Question #5: Who joins the troupe?
a.) Angeline
b.) Keith
c.) Rose
Question: #6: Who does Adrian fall for slowly in this book?
a.) Sonya
b.) Rose
c.) Sydney

Question #7:What's another conflict the troupe faces on another mysterious, shady group in the beginning?
a.) Non-human and non-strigoi
b.)The Humans
c.) Strigoi

Question #8: What's the title of Book #3 in the Bloodlines series?
a.) The Indigo Spell
b.) Remebrance
c.) The Violet Tear
*One of the easiest question! You could have Googled it or went on Goodreads :)*

So..How Did You Do On The Quiz? :D


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