Monday, July 18, 2011

Writing: My Story's Sypnosis

 I wanted to share this story I've been working on and here's the sypnosis:
To stay is to get Extracted. To run away is to die.
Andreana's life is overtaken by the Identites, people who run society. For every 15-year olds, they are required to take the Extraction, the process and evaluation that causes you to lose your true self, your identity and everything. The society is reminded that is for people to take in the world in a new way. But for Andreana, the Identites can't seem to open things about her and her identity. She fears for her identity to be stole, so she decides to run away with her best friend Analisse to the Wasteland.
  But by running away, she faces more secrets and danger, especially the famous, son of founder of the society, Joshua. Now, Andreana plunged herself into choices that cuase her to lose everything. But is Andreana realy to make the ultimate sacriface.

I really want your guy's feedback!! Is the story's sypnosis to revealing about the events in the book? Strong Character development?


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