Monday, June 9, 2014

Fresh Off The Press (#23): June 9 - June 15

Welcome to Fresh Off The Press! It’s where I'll showcase all the great books hitting shelves in a week. These are all YA titles and hope you get to pick them up soon! These books are releasing from (June 9 - June 15)

Before I get onto my posts....
I want to say I am finally back! BIG thanks to all those who sticked with me and my blog during my days of absence! School was so stressful and I am so happy I did well on them :) This week is going to be one of the bests!

The Fallen (B&N Exclusive Edition) (Enemy Series #5) by Charlie Higson: Book CoverThe Merciless by Danielle Vega: Book CoverLies My Girlfriend Told Me by Julie Anne Peters: Book Cover

Brazen by Katherine Longshore: Book CoverTrouble by Non Pratt: Book CoverWhen Mr. Dog Bites by Brian Conaghan: Book Cover


Far Far Away by Tom McNeal: Book CoverPhoenix by Elizabeth Richards: Book CoverRight of Way by Lauren Barnholdt: Book Cover

Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson: Book CoverCharm & Strange by Stephanie Kuehn: Book CoverFirecracker by David Iserson: Book Cover

Ashes on the Waves by Mary Lindsey: Book CoverBlind Spot by Laura Ellen: Book CoverThe Secret Ingredient by Stewart Lewis: Book Cover

Me, Him, Them, and It by Caela Carter: Book CoverDance of Shadows by Yelena Black: Book Cover

Those are the amazing books releasing this week! Hope you guys head to your local store and pick up some amazing reads hitting shelves this week! 


  1. Lies my girlfriend told me sounds pretty interesting :) Most of the others I haven't heard of. Great post Patrick and I definitely understand about school being stressful!

    Janina @ Synchronized Reading

  2. I'm actually pretty excited for Merciless and the book packaging looks pretty awesome!
    Great post :)


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