Friday, June 13, 2014

Discussion Post: What Makes a Book Good?

This Week's Topic:
"What Makes a Book Good?"
Before I start talking about what makes a book good, ask yourself what YOU find in a book that makes you pick it up and stay up all night reading it? It could be the promising author or an amazing cover or even a kick butt title?
It should definitely make you happy

Ask yourself "What Makes a Book Good?"

For me a book has to hit 4 solid categories: 
-A Strong Synopsis: A strong blurb on what the book is about is really vital for be to pick it up. After all, what ever is placed on it has to make you grab the book and read it. I love books with a strong synopsis especially when it has blurbs from other authors, it makes for a promising book. But what if the synopsis is weak? Still give it a go, you can only judge a book as far as it's cover and title but it's true gem is inside. 

-Nice Cover? YES PLEASE: Covers are always a good way for me to pick up a book. It usually shows what the story is about but done without words. I think today there is a lot of amazing covers both in best sellers and in indie books. Covers are what solidify a promising story and a great one makes me excited to pick it up. But definitely don't over look other books with a not so great cover! 

-First 100 Pages should get the reader sucked in (if possible): The first 100 pages for me is usually where I determine if I want to drop the book or continue on. It's also a risky thing to do, since an author may not reach the "amazing" part in a book in the first 100 pages, but I usually try to go on. Bottom line for me: Keep reading the book until you see yourself liking the story or the characters. Give it a try!

-A Perfect Balance: A book definitely has to hit that perfect balance for me. In action books, it could be a good balance between action, romance, and characterization. For realistic, contemporaries, it could be a moving plot, with a protagonist that grows a lot. In the end, no book is perfect but I always read until the read and find the strong points in the novel that make it a great story.

What Makes a Book Good for you? Feel free to comment below with your answer!


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