Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer Wrap Up Readathon - Day #3

Today's Schedule- August 6th
8:00am Emily @Falling for YA – Cover Love Challenge
Shae @Understanding Shae’s Story - Summer Vacations
Mackenzie @Oh For the Love of Books!Summer Party Challenge

Reading Progress Updates:
Right now, I'm almost finished with Semi Charmed Life, I'm on page 259 out of 327. And on Glitch I'm on page 26 and its so good! I love dysoptians! I still have yet to pick up Firelight, Cinder, and Monument 14. Plus, I also snapped some picks for "The Final Challenge"

Cover Love Challenge
There was a ton of covers I loved this summer and these one are my favorites. Plus is was hard to narrow it down and pick my favs and in no particular order!

Gates of Paradise by Melissa De La Cruz

Pushing The Limits by Katie McGarry

Sever by Lauren DeStefano

Summer Vacations

I had to pick a lot of series I loved and a couple of standalones too! These books where just pureley captivating with their world and charcters! 0_0

The Wither Series by Lauren DeStefano was enticing world! It was creepy, elegant, and intense! It would really make my life a big deal with having a ticking time bomb in my body!

The Divegent Series by Veronica Roth was no doubt had to add it to my Summer Vacations! The world was captivating, action-packed, and would be AMAZING to live in Tris's shoes!

The Fine Art of Truth or Dare was a cute book to be in! It was funny, witty, and hilarious! And plus there's lots of art not to pass by! I loved the world of The Summoning! It was so creepy and real I was hooked on Kelley's world!

What are your challenges for Day #3?


  1. Yay I totally LOVE Pushing the Limits' cover and Sever's! I really want to get my hands on a Sever ARC but I probably won't get one. Nice post I hope the rest of your readathon goes well! :)

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