Monday, August 20, 2012

First Day At High School! :)

Could I Freak Out More? 0.0

As all you know I'm a freshman in high school as of today! I just finished my first day and it was weird, awkward, and exciting all at the same time! I'll try to make as much time to make to update this blog and to spruce it up time to time and to be back in the bloggingsphere! I'll miss doing this and my Goodreads Bookclub! :(

Now, onto how the first day went! Well, I woke up around 5:00 just to get ready, by the time I had to wait for the bus and I headed to school. I was seriously freaking out. I didn't hit me I was in the school this was really IT! But I kept calm and the day went pretty good. But there were a few people that where just plain weird! Like just for my last period, English there was this girl that could not stop talking! I just really wanted to hit her so bad but I hate to make a bad impression.
And I was like okay... O_O

So then we move to the next table and there are ike two papers on there and she goes like "What are the F*** are you doing with my paper? That's mine, you stealer!" And she goes off with a red face the whole day! People these days -___- Other than that I really wished I went to the high school I wanted to go to where everyone I know is there! But really have to make friends and keep this blog up! :D Wish me luck!

Bye Guys! I'll see you later and I'll be updating on Goodreads and Twitter! :)


  1. I'm now a junior in high school so its really nothing new. I remember my freshman year was pretty exciting as well but I knew everyone in my classes from middle school so not much changed. Good luck on your freshman year! P.S. You DO meet some strange folks in high school lol :)

  2. Haha Crazy people these days! I'm going to be a Junior and I remember my first day of freshman year was a blur! High School is so much more fun but so much harder! Have Fun! :) I am so glad I don't start school till September!


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