Saturday, May 5, 2012

What I Got This Week-Insurgent, Wonder, and Fury

Ever since all the plagiarism involing Kristi over from The Story Siren I am not longer particpating in In My Mailbox. I'm not sure what to call today's book haul. Still coming up with a new meme and I'll probably have it by next week. So call this Stacking the Shelves, New In Books, Book Haul...I don't really care actually.But I'm also adding this week's updates to my new meme [not this one] I'm calling this What I Got This Week, not very creative right? 0.0 Now onto my books...
This Week was another AMAZING Week! I'm seriously so happpy I got so much things this week! Yay! :D

So library books, I borrowed Fury by Elizabeth Miles since this one's been on my mind forever and I so wanted to read it ever since last winter! I also borrowed The Pledge by Kimberly Derting. Doesn't that cover scream read me? Yes!

Next,....*suspenseful music*  I bought Insurgent! I can't believe I have it! and I'm already on page 60 something and already there is so much going on! HUGE Expectations for this one! Love the cover! :)
I also bought belly up and Posession by Elana Johnson at my library's used book sale [I really have to go to more of these!] for $1 dollar each. *Gasp* Is it true? Yes and I'm so happy to finally read Posession since I have her sign bookmarks! And belly up is MG, but I love MG before I got into YA and it was on my mind a long time ago.

Then my order from BN came and I got........The Selection by Kiera Cass!  I already finished this on Thursday and loved it so excited for Book 2! And the cover?, awesomesauce! Review should be up by Tuesday. I got Wonder a couple weeks back from a book survey at Goodreads. And I can't wait to dive into this one!

Also got some swag for giveaways. They were outside Barnes and Noble getting wet by the rain so I had to take them.

And I won lots of books at amazing blogs!

Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins @ Jen Ryland/YA Romantics over from her Freebie Friday, you guys should really enter them! So excited for this one! And Jen is my blogging buddy! :)
Glimmer by Phoebe Kitanidis @ Sarah from I'm Loving Books. Never expected to win this one! her blog is huge and so much enteries where there I thought I never would win but I did!
The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda@ Nikki from Fiction-Freak. My first audiobook! I need so FAQ on how to use it though......

This Week's Scheduale:

So I'm having my CST's this coming week and I'm having several minimum days so I have more time to blog. Hopefully I won't be busy with anything else!
Monday-Spring Releases I'm Excited For Post, where I'll share the scoop on hot spring titles you must get!
Tuesday- Teaser Tuesday, along with The Selection review should be up.
Wednesday- Fresh Off The Press, with Waiting on Wednesday
Thursday- Some review I still need to do.....?
Friday- TGIF and Follower Friday

What is YOUR Mailbox? Leave Your Links!


  1. I really want Sweet Evil! Glimmer and The Hunt sound awesome as well. I also really want Insurgent, The Selection, and The Pledge! Amazing haul and happy reading! And also thanks for visiting My Stack!

  2. Isn't it great to win when do many other people enter into something. Insurgent *groan* I have to get that. Soon. But not now. And those b&n things...what are they? Other then cute of course! Great...haul? I'll look for the new "What I got" meme lol ;)

    1. LOL! The BN things we like little boxes to but stuff in like a card or stuff. :)

  3. The Pledge was pretty awesome! I enjoyed it so much :D
    I also got Sweet Evil and The Selection!
    I want to read Fury and Possession!

    PS: Yes I got the note! I also mention it and you in last weeks haul :D (Did you make the little note holder thing? If so it's awesome!)
    Thanks so much Patrick!


  4. Eeeek! I can't wait to get The Selection for review and I'll have to buy The Pledge, The Hunt and Glimmer when I can! Unfortunately I really disliked Possession and Fury was average so I hope you enjoy those more than I did :) Sweet Evil was great and I can't wait to get my Insurgent hardcover in the mail! My review copy is weeks delayed… *devastated* Have fun with these and thanks for stopping by!

  5. I really want The Hunt... think I'm going to have to get some books off the shelves and read first though :P
    I got the Selection this week as well, from the publishers, and I got The Pledge to review a while ago as well. Have you seen the UK cover? It's so different!
    See it on Amazon UK here!
    See what I mean?! Couldn't be more different!

    Great haul :)

    My Showcase Sunday

  6. Wowser! Some great books there, lots of reading to be done :) I managed to get a copy of the Selection last week, the cover is gorgeous. I have glimmer waiting to be read on the kindle. I have my eye on Sweet Evil, can't see it sitting on my wishlist for much longer.

    Happy reading and thank you for visiting My Showcase Sunday post

    Jenny - Chocolate Chunky Munkie

  7. I was so excited when my Insurgent finally came!

    I hope you enjoy Sweet Evil -- it's going in the mail tomorrow morning!

  8. I really like The Selection :) and enjoyed the Pledge as well. I'm so behind on my reading, but I want to read Divergent & Insurgent soon. I heard the they were amazing. New follower :)
    Happy Reading!

    My Heart Hearts Books


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