Friday, May 25, 2012

TGIF (#3):Show Me Your Cover

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This Week's Question:  Show Me Your Cover: What are some of the worst book covers, but hold some of the best stories inside? Don't be embarrassed, show us your cover!
I am a huge cover person! If the cover looks sucky or not so promising chances are I won't pick it up at all, but like they say Don't Judge a Book by It's Cover! But if course you know you do! *eyes crowd* :D

The Cover That Was All So Promising But Wasn't

Hereafter by Tara Hudson had such a great cover that actually made me grab the book at the library! I loved the outline of the ghost and the whole color scheme but that book was impossible to get into! This is an example of a book cover that had so much potential but ended up flat.

The Too Bland Cover [Credits to Jen for this one!]

Deadly Little Secret (Touch, #1)

Deadly Little Secret by Laurie Faria Stolarz, was a example of a book cover that was to bland and needed so more life into it. But I loved the story! Seriously if you have the time you must pick up Deadly Little Secret! Laurie is now one of my favorite authors of all time! :)

The Too Creepy Cover
Doesn't this cover scream, creepiness? I love how you can see that girl ripping through that glass thingly and it's completely creepy! *walks around freaking out*

What Are Your Book Cover that Was Not Promising? Leave them in the comments!

Due to my final weeks I will not be able to post up this last week of May, sucks right? Well I'll be schedualing post for this coming week and since it's Memorial Day this week I get an extra day! Yay! *claps* Hope you guys have fun this week and what are you guys planning to do?


  1. I HATE it when a book has a great cover and you just hate the story :(

    I love the covers for Laurie's books, though <3 I haven't read them but they look so good!

  2. Hi, I'm a new follower. Found you on Goodreads. I'd love for you to stop by and follow my new book review blog. Thanks! Looking forward to following you. :)

  3. great covers! agree with Hereafter. hope finals went/ are going well!


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