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One Giant Mess: What We Knew - Barbara Stewart

What We KnewWhat We Knew by Barbara Stewart
Date Released: July 14, 2015
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

Pages: 256 pages
Format: Hardcover
Source: For Review (Thanks!)
Rating: 2 Stars
Series: Standalone!

Goodreads Synopsis: When a local myth starts to seem like a dangerous reality, two girls are set on a path that could change their lives forever

"When I was little, I imagined a monster: Scaly hands. Pits for eyes..."

When Tracy and her best friend, Lisa, were kids, stories about a man—a creep who exposes himself to little girls—kept them out of the woods and in their own backyards. But Tracy and Lisa aren't so little anymore, and the man in the woods is nothing but a stupid legend. Right?

But someone is in the woods. Someone is watching. And he knows all their secrets, secrets they can't tell anyone—not even each other. 

"Monsters don't exist."

Lisa's just being paranoid. At least that’s what Tracy thinks. But when a disturbing "gift" confirms her worst fears, it sets the girls on a dangerous journey that takes them beyond the edge of the woods. But reality is more terrifying than the most chilling myth, and what they find will test the bonds of friendship, loyalty, and love. 

"Once upon a time, two girls were lost in the woods."

In Barbara's Stewart's What We Knew, Tracy and Lisa can't destroy the evil they'll face, but can they stop it from destroying each other?

From Goodreads

Honestly, I was sooo disappointed with What We Knew. The book sounded good from the synopsis, the cover was interesting, and it ended up being one giant mess. The lack of a solid plot and basic, bland characters led to the book's downfall.

What We Knew opens up with two friends, Tracy and Lisa who are haunted by the town's "Banana Man". A man who goes to young girls and flashes his privates at them. He knows all their secrets and seems to be right under their noses. From the beginning of the book, I thought that Tracy was an okay characters, she was kinda annoying at times, but it did get worse as the book progressed. The whole concept of the novel was similar to the movie, Gone, with Amanda Seyfried, in the sense that there is a man preying upon girls along with the suspense and action. But in What We Knew the stale characters and messy plot got in the way of what could have been an amazing novel.

As I was reading, one thing that really bothered me was the plot. In the beginning it focused on Banana Man, but as the novel progressed it was went from Tracy's love struggles with Adam and Foley and to Tracy's mom...I honestly don't know what to say. I had such high hopes for this novel, and it was a letdown.

Ultimately, What We Knew had some good moments, it was overshadowed by it's messy plot and poor characterized characters. In the end, if you want to try a quick, suspenseful read check this book out!


  1. Sorry this was a dud. The premise sounds odd, to be honest. Lol. Definitely not my thing.


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