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2015 Summer Blogger Promo Tour: (The Book Bratz)

I am SO EXCITED to be participating in the 2015 Summer Blogger Promo Tour hosted by the amazing Book Bratz (Amber & Jessica!) 

Before we get into the 10 Random Facts about Amber and Jessica, we also did a quick and fun interview, check it out below!

1.) How long have you been blogging? 
Two years, sorta-kinda. We started in early 2013 but then gave up and let things die off. We started up again in May of 2014, and that's what we officially refer to as our beginning of the blog. So technically two years, but we count it as one!

2.) Why did you start blogging?
Jessica: I was so excited to start The Book Bratz because I absolutely loved reading and absolutely adored the idea of being able to share my thoughts with all of the Internet after reading a particularly good or bad book - not a lot of our friends are readers, so I couldn't do that with most people. Running a blog where you get to express your thoughts on books made it so much cooler!
Amber: I love books and reading and I like to talk about them! 

3.) How old are you?
We're both seventeen, and born ten days apart! (Amber's the older one!)

4.) Favorite Book/Series?
Jessica: Looking for Alaska by John Green. My favorite book of all time - oh man, I could read that book a thousand times over.
Amber: Um, that is a challenging one. Typically anything by Jennifer L. Armentrout I will read! 

5.) Why do you love to read AND blog?
Jessica: Because I can share my thoughts with the entire internet and discuss books with other bloggers who devote all of their time to reading and reviewing as well!
Amber: It gives me an escape from real life. It is literally a form of therapy. 

6.) Favorite TV show and Favorite Song (at the moment)?
Jessica: Favorite TV show would have to be Degrassi. It always has been. As for favorite song, I love Photograph by Ed Sheeran. So so beautiful. Amber: Favorite TV show: Orphan Black and Favorite Song: Leaving California by Maroon 5

Top 10 Random Facts About Amber & Jessica!

Jessica (#1-5)
1. I actually became an officially published author at the age of fifteen! My debut novel is titledSwitch and can be found here!
2. I'm a serious Vanilla Coke addict. Like, it's my drug of choice. I could drink any type of Coca-Cola whenever, but Vanilla is literally my favorite drink on this entire planet. I want to be proposed to with a can of Vanilla Coke (it's that bad of an addiction)...
3. I am absolutely in love with Degrassi. I've watched every single episode for years, and I can't even handle the fact that it's ending. *extreme sobbing*
4. I hate reading eBooks. I absolutely cannot do it - every digital galley we get sent goes right to Amber, unless she's falling behind and it's a life-or-death situation where I have to split the load so she can catch up. I prefer a real book in my hands.
5. I never had any intentions of making publishing my career - I always wanted to be an English teacher. But after starting The Book Bratz and working with the industry daily, I decided that this is what I'm going to go to school for and spend the rest of my life doing.

Amber (#6-10)
6. I originally wanted to be a doctor, which my failing math grades proved wasn't the greatest idea. I then chose to major in English, and then blogging opened me up to Publication and that is now what I want to go to school for. 
7. Mine and Jessica's birthdays are ten days apart! (I am older!) 
8. I am a year behind in math then other kids my age, I am still taking geometry instead of Trig (Back to #1 about my failing math grades)
9. I sleep more then I read. I come home from school and fall asleep for a couple of hours, and then do homework. By the time I get a chance to read it is late. That explains my never ending TBR list 
10.  I use to be a dancer! I regret quitting, but if I didn't I probably never wold have started reading. 

I hoped you guys enjoyed meeting The Book Bratz! Be sure to stop by next sunday where I'll be featuring Patty @ Bookish Wonderlove!


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