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Racing & Pounding: Bet Your Life - Jane Casey

Bet Your LifeBet Your Life by Jane Casey 
Date Released: February 3, 2015
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

Pages: 336 pages
Format: Hardcover
Source: For Review (Thanks!)
Rating: 4 Stars
Series: (Jess Tennant #2)

Goodreads Synopsis: Jess Tennant has now been living in a tiny town on the English seaside for three months, and is just beginning to relax and think of it as home after the traumatic events of last summer. But in the small hours of Halloween night, a teenage boy is left for dead by the side of the road. Seb Dawson has a serious head injury and may not survive. Jess might not have liked Seb much, but surely he didn’t deserve this. The police don’t seem to be taking the attack very seriously, but Jess can’t just let it go, and she takes matters into her own hands.

As she investigates, Jess discovers that Seb was involved in some very dangerous games. A secret predator around girls, he would do whatever it took to abuse them, from lying and blackmail to spiking drinks. Could a group of vengeful victims be behind his attack? Or is there someone else with a grudge against Seb, who will stop at nothing to silence him? Jane Casey returns with another edge-of-your-seat mystery in Bet Your Life.

From Goodreads

Bet Your Life by Jane Casey was such an unexpected book for me. I expected it to be kinda boring, but finishing it I loved the book a lot more! It was a great mystery novel with elements of a kick ass heroine, suspense, and lies. And it turned out to be a part of a series, which I did not know until writing this review, so I'll probably check out the first book.

In Bet Your Life, we meet Jess Tennant who's life is turned upside down when a boy, Seb Dawson suffers a head injury. The police take things into their own hands, but Jess decides to investigate it. I actually really got down who the characters are and who Jess is. Casey did a great job recapping the reader things from the first book, so it's good to say anyone could pick the book and easily distinguish the characters and plot. Jess was such a perfect protagonist for the story. I was easily able to relate to her and you could easily see yourself in her situation. She gave the book a voice and I found myself turning the pages faster seeing how she'll get herself out of a situation or get into a fight. Caset crafted great characters like Hugo, Ella, Jess and I liked them a lot.

The book overall did not really have a scary, creepy feel, but more of a thriller and suspenseful feel. I do wish that Casey added more creepy, eerie elements, but the book still came out strong. In addition, I also liked that the book did touch a bit on romance, but it did not completely overwhelm the book.

Overall, Bet Your Life was a great book, that anyone should pick up if their looking for a thriller kind of read. Jess was an amazing protagonist and anyone could easily relate to her. Pick up Bet Your Life right now!

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