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Author Interview: Maureen Goo Author of Since You Asked

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I am so happy to share with you and interview with Maureen Goo, author of her debut novel, Since You Asked, which recently came out!

1.) The Bookshelves: What was the inspiration for Since You Asked?
Maureen Goo: A few years ago I was filling out one of those Facebook surveys—you know the kind that ask like "25 Things You Didn't Know About Me!" and I thought, "Wouldn't it be funny if someone made a really obnoxious version of this?" So I did, in the voice of a slightly antagonistic teenager who I channeled from my own teenage years. And that voice ended up being Holly. The first draft of this novel included that survey, rather than a column, as the trigger for her getting her own newspaper column. 

2.) TB: What character resembles you the post and why? Was there any \"you\" in any of the characters?
MG: Holly definitely resembles me the most—but she is more cynical and braver than I ever was in high school! But her family life, her love of reading and writing, her loyalty to her friends—all that stems very much from my own high school experiences but also my adult life at times.

3.) TB: Tell us about that cover! How was the process to getting the cover art like? Did you love the cover?
MG: I love the cover. The designer was Natalie Sousa ( and she created the perfect cover for Since You Asked. She captured Holly's essence so well with finding that snarl! The process was fairly straightforward—my editor presented me with the cover and I liked it right away. It was so different from what I had imagined but yet so right. I asked for a few superficial tweaks (yes I am THAT annoying author) but mostly just loved what they did. I love the hot pink sunglasses, too–it's become a great visual icon for Holly and the book. Funny story: The model/photographer on the cover and I found out we have a mutual acquaintance! The world is so small.

4.) TB:  Fav Brand. One Celebrity Crush. One Wish. 
MG: Brand: I spend way too much money at Madewell.
Male crush: Michael Fassbender Female Crush: Anna Kendrick
One wish: Wow. Well I am a wisher of many wishes, but one consistent one is that everyone I love have happy lives. So obvious, right? But if that one basic requirement is met, so much good stems from it. I just truly want everyone I care about to be happy.

5.) TB: Tweet Review! In 140 Words or less, tell us about Since You Asked!
MG: My tweet review:
A book for anyone who wants to say what they truly think about high school—Holly Kim is you and everyone you know in SInce You Asked! (TB Note: I actually got it mixed up with Kasie West!)

6.) TB: How was the writing process like? Any tips for aspiring writers?
The writing process was hugely different in each of its stages for me. When I started this book, it was for a sample for grad school.  I kept writing it for fun, so it was all very relaxing and creative. It wasn't until I had an agent interested that I really buckled down and worked on it for a few months and got it done. I had so much fun writing this it almost felt wrong! No part of it was torture.

My tips for aspiring writers is write about something you care about because you will be spending so much time on this! And then once you figure that out, just write. Force yourself to sit and do it, even when you don't feel like it. Because more important than anything is finishing a book—that is the very first step in getting anyone interested in your writing.

7.) TB: What can you tell us about the next book? Any hints you can give us?
MG: No hints allowed yet! But—whatever comes out next will be contemporary and funny :)

8.) TB: What is your current YA read? How are you liking it?
MG: I just finished Laini Taylor's DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE. It was incredible—not only were the fantasy and romance elements so lush and well-done, but the dialogue and friendships were so sharp and realistic! I find that rare in a lot of fantasy I read. Really enjoyed it. Can't wait to read the sequel. (TB Note: I LOVED It Too! Great book!!) 

Big THANKS for Maureen Goo for this interview and review copy (my review will be up next week!) :) Hope you enjoy the interview :))


  1. Love the responses! I really want to read Daughter of Smoke and Bone lol Great interview :)


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