Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Discussion Post: Tips on Surviving The Blogger Life

This Week's Topic:
"Tips on Surviving The Blogger Life" 


This is REALLY what goes on when you know when you start blogging. 
We bloggers all had these moments and I'm here to share some tips I learned to prevent my brain from "crying" :)

1.) Set Limits
Setting limits is one tip I learned this year and it saved me so much stress! There are days you feel like you NEED to have a post and it gets to you the whole day. I did that and whoa...there was so much stress on me and my post I NEEDED to have wasn't up to my standards. The best things is knowing when you should stress or not too. If you have a blog stop, pick up the book already and read it. If you feel like you NEED to have something up but you know it's going to cause stress and you know you don't feel like it then don't. Take a break. Watch a show. Cook. Have fun. 

2.) Get Some Music On!


Listening to music while blogging made it so much easier! Really! It does! It helps you focus so much more on doing that stuff you need to do and it keeps you hyped up about blogging. I use Spotify to listen to my music rather than Youtube, since you always have to find the songs and when its over you have to find a new one again. Spotify can be used a a radio, or listen to the music you want to than say Pandora which has limited skips. Get Some Music On!

3.) Eat..Don't Go Starving
Worst thing you can do to yourself when blogging is starving yourself  It seriously kills to not have chips and a drink nearby when hunger strikes. Soon..this will happen:

And then you get sidetracked from blogging, you end up falling asleep, and never even got that post you actually wanted and could get up on the blog. Rule of thumb: Don't go starving!

4.) Get Twitter On!
I love having twitter on since it makes blogging more enjoyable and you can start new conversations with fellow bloggers! Having twitter on helps to just see how fun blogging is, but also it's nice to relax for a couple minutes and see what's going in the bloggingsphere without google reader..etc. 

These are my tips for surviving the blogger life even if you're a beginning or novice blogger! If you have some of your own tell me in the comments! Also, if you have a question for a discussion post mention it in the comments as well :D


  1. Love these tips! Especially tip 1 is very good to hear sometimes, blogging can be quite stressful:)

  2. I like to have twitter open while blogging too! I also like to keep the tv on as background noise but then I can always look up and watch a bit if need be. Great tips! I should try more music. :)

  3. Good tips. I definitely agree with the one about putting pressure on yourself. Blogging should be a fun experience at all times.


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