Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Where Did I Go?

As most of you know, my computer broke and I missed about 2-3 weeks of blogging! It had a virus and it had to be sent to the company to get fixed. So while that happened I missed lots of days to blog! :( But I did prepare post for this whole month so I hope it turns out good! :D 

I read a lot that whole MIA time! The Golden Lily. This Is Not A Test. Slide. Lots and you'll see the reviews around this week since I'm just getting my normal blogging routine again. Thanks for the new follows also! It means a lot! :) Blogging I'm ready!

happy derek
Blogging here I come!


  1. Yay -- glad to see you are back. Computer problems are beyond frustrating but I am happy that you've got everything sorted out now!


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