Thursday, December 15, 2011

I'm back! :D

I'm back! I'm really sorry about not being able to post last month, due to stress; school; and that equaled no blogging or reading :( December is going to be called my "explosive posting month" since I'll be posting more than usually and participating in new memes!
And I'm completely behind in my reviews so more of those!

I got a custom design! I was paired up with my Big Sib, Patrick from Hafash at Icey Books in her Big Sib Little Sib program! So yay! I'm not sure when it will finished, but I'll be sure to post up pictures on it to see whether or not you guys like it! :P

New Buttons and Memes
I decided to pacticapted in more memes since I barely do any... The ones I still do are:
    -In My Mailbox
    -Teaser Tuesday
    -Reading Friday
    -Waiting on Wednesday
-A Million Words (similar to The Daily Dose)
And a few new ones like:
    -Booking Monday
    -Follower Friday
    -Hitting the Shelves
    -Book Trailer Tuesday
    -Top Ten Tuesday

and much more! [P.S The pigs love you! :} ]


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