Sunday, October 2, 2011

Happy October!

October's is Here!!!
      I've been wating for this month for ever! Awesome books being realesed, Halloween (of course!) and a great time for reading awesome-paranormal romance books! I just finished reading Envy by Greg Olsen the first day of October, which was such a coincidence!! I'll be posting up a review on it soon! :D
 So the important question: "What are you guys planning to be for Halloween??" I think this Halloween I'll probably end up giving candy and dress up as Katniss's Brother, if she had one.(from the Hunger Games) And I do have my mockingjay pin to wear!!!

Did you guys hear about "Panem October" Its basically a website or ARG where your a tribute and your entered in the annual 75 Hunger Games. Right now, it on Citizen Overload but its great and super fun, since its suppose to calm down your nerves about the Awesome, Hunger Games Movie appearing March 23, 2012!!! If you guys made an account friend me! hungergamesbird .
Other than that, I'm empty for Blogger Love this whole month, till any blogs contact me at  If you want a lift for your blog! =)


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