Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bookish Updates #2

Hi Guys! I haven't been on posting reviews and this is my amke up note for you! See how special I typed it... :D

This week was v e r y  b u s y for me! I seriously wanted to get my Bloodline by Richelle Mead review up,sadly that did not happen... :( I also have review on books I still didn't even do and after this week its.......................Halloween! Yes! I know I old for it but its been fun asking people for candy^^ Though this Halloween I'll be handing out candy and be over at my local Barnes and Noble(love them!) for an event! Its going to be really fun and by that time I'll post up my reviews! :P

Also,I was think about changing my blog's template  in to a left column for widgets and the right and main body for the post. And the theme and maybe the button! If you have any suggestions please post it in the comments, they are appreciated!

Last, I'm open for Blogger Love! I'm going to have Heather,from Nightly Reading here with some fun QA!! So be sure to visit her blog and I'm have spaces available for Blogger Love. If your interested see the requirements post (which I'm currently doing) of Blogger Love and send an email to me: .

Reviews this weeK:

Happy week! And thanks to all my new followers! x)

Plus, I still have my giveaway on. Please! Please!  enter! Here is the LINk and tell everyone you know. It end on November 4 so lots of time to get in entries!

Thank guys! Your the best! love you! :D





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