Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bookish Updates!

  So guys I haven't been on and postting up with school and drama... :( Sorry,but I have Friday, Saturady, and Sunday for really great reviews!! :D!!! So sorry!! I'll be posting up my In My Mailbox by tommorow! With a really exciting batch of books! =)

I'll be posting up my 3 recent book reviews on:
Lost In Time by Melissa de la Cruz (Friday)
Divergent by Veronica Roth (Friday)
Entice by Carrie Jones!  (I should have already postted up my reviews! :D )

Blogger Love:
I'll also be having weekly/monthly post called....Blogger LOVE! Where I'll be promoting Book Blogs and Guest Posts!!!  I'll be asking really cool,creative QA seesions with fellow,awesone book blogger!  I'm really excited and happy about this new trend going around! And the greatness of people knowing you more! :D Thanks! :D

 If you want to to be part of Blogger Month, please email me at:

I have made a Facebook page a while back in June!! There I post up my lastest news and my musings as a blogger! Here is the LINK! Please follow and I love to get new followers on my blog!                              
                                         Stop by, Comment, and ENJOY!!! :D


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