Saturday, August 13, 2011

Brand Bookshop~My New Favorite Bookstore!

 Hi Guy's so this week I went to this used-bookstore near my house and I LOVED IT! It's was called Brand Bookshop, and it's like a cheaper Borders/Barnes and Noble and they sell exactly what I love~YA Book! <3<3<3. Let me tell you how this bookstore does it right!
Well first of all, they have such warm and helpful and if you meet Jerome(the wonderful owner!) and your a first-timer he'll thrown in a free book jacket and a 10% discount! Loved this bookstores's feeling the minute you walk in.

 Then, you walk over to the YA section and there it IS!! Everything you love in YA book and Barnes and Noble in pretty new conditions with great low prices!! You could possibly get 4 or 5 books for around $20 dollars or so..... Just come here and see it selection!!

Last, you walk out of there amazed at everything and to tell you the truth just come and see what Brand Bookshop has to over!!! :D Overally, I satsified and excited to read a novella! :)

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