Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Battle of the Character's#1~Unearlty

Battle of the Character's is a meme I created where you find 2 character in a book you recently read and you choose a character's side in a love triangle and just tell how amazing it is! Usually your BotC can be spolier free or not! Its up to you.
***SPOLIER! Only read it if you read the book!***
My Character: I recently finished Uneartly by Cynthia Hand and I so on team Christian Prescott. But then Clara decide to go out with Tucker Avery.....:( It's all becuase of Wendy,that Clara is not with Christian! There suppose to be together!.....It's her destiny!!!! WOW Clara!!
Clary and Christian went to prom and stuff they should have be together! Then, comes Tucker....uggg...I wish he was gone but it part of the "Love Triange"
Other than that Christian and Clara all the way! :)


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