Saturday, May 3, 2014

Booking Through Music (#3) - Savages by Matt Whyman

Booking Through Music is my way to share my favorite songs with a book alongside. It could be a current song, one I just rediscovered, or just want to share this helps share that with readers! Booking Through Music is to connect to my readers more and you can also join in every Saturday!
I am really excited to be doing another Booking Through Music! For this week, my book is Savages by Matt Whyman. The music I picked were ones I just recently listened that fit the book perfectly. So far I'm enjoying this one and I'm glad to be on the tour for this book :)
The Savages
My Music Playlist:
-Invisible - Hunter Haynes (This is the second time again!)
-Tennis Court - Lorde
-Satellite Call - Sara Bareilles
-Body Electric - Lana Del Rey
Invisible - Hunter Haynes
Tennis Court - Lorde
Satellite Call - Sara Bareilles
Body Electric - Lana Del Rey


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