Friday, January 10, 2014

Discussion Post: Bookish Resolutions!

This week's topic:
"Bookish Resolutions"

This week is all about those bookish resolutions! The ones that every reader, blogger, author, person has each year. Here are my "bookish resolutions" and feel fee to drop by your link!

1.) Reach my goal of 60 Book in 2014! - I did reach 50 this year and I am super happy! I am definitely aiming for a 60 this year and hope I make it. Plus there's a bunch of great books releasing, it's going to be amazing :) And those series too!

2.) Try branching out into other genres! - This year I really want to move past a bit from YA, even though I love it, I want to expand my horizons. I looking to the "New Adult" fiction books, such as Hopeless by Colleen Hoover, etc. 

3.) Blogging harder and better than last year! - I really want to make this year's blogging the best. I will strive harder for daily posts, talk on twitter, be on Goodreads, etc. I want to interact with more readers and find new bloggers besides my favs. Let's make this our blogging year!

4.) Get reviews up on Amazon and Goodreads - I always knocked out review after review, but I never stop to realize to put them up on Amazon or Goodreads. Now this is the year for that!! I will definitely try to go back to my reviews and spend time adding them there. Does anyone know if this helps your blogging image?

Those are my bookish resolutions! Feel free to drop by with a link to your or a comment about your resolutions! 


  1. You have a good list of resolutions and some I am trying to do myself :) Good luck Patrick!


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