Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! It's finally that time to sit back, relax and have fun with friends and family and be thankful for everything you have. I hope you have an amazing thanksgiving and you eat some great foods and have a great time!

What I'm Thankful For (Blog Wise):
- That I Still Survived Blogging For 2 Years
-Having great blogging friends
-All the review books I got from authors, publishers, and bloggers (Thank You So Much! It means a lot to me and I'll continue what I keep doing!)
- Meeting bloggers and authors on Twitter
-Keeping my book club on Goodreads active and doing well 
and many more to list! 

I am very happy for all the amazing and awesome authors, bloggers, and publishers I meet this year and the more to come! I'm excited to keep moving forward to experience new things in the blogging world and read! Hope you guys have a great day and stay thankful!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Patrick! I hope you stuffed yourself with loads of food. Hahahah! :)


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