Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Discussion Post: Managing Time

This Week's Topic:
"Managing Time

Admit it, you and every blogger out there has time managing issue no matter how seasoned of a blogger you are. Life and your needs get in the way sometimes and finding time to blog can just stress your whole day. I'm here to share my tips for managing time and my secrets to have posts :)

1.) Schedule Time!

One of the best ways I like to have posts up and my blog running smooth is having a calendar or notepad to with the posts I want in THAT WEEK rather than a big month. It is much easier to have smaller goals you can accomplish in a week rather than setting up yourself with all these things you're pressuring yourself to do each month = stress. Do goals that are achievable and scheduled when you want to to them is my key. You can still use a big monthly calendar but use it to map out when you know a post has to be up for blog tours, or reviews. 

2.) Debunking Your Distractions 

One day go with noticing every little thing that takes up your precious blogging time as you blog. Whether it's your iPhone blowing up with notifications or twitter, write it down after you finished blogging. Now the next time you blog, take away these things and you can see a huge difference in accomplishing what you plan to do, and even goes for daily life. It takes 2 weeks for something to be a habit, make this one of them!

3.) Know The Things That Help You Move On

One of the best things to do is improving on the good things you do to move fast and get things done. You can also apply this to blogging! Yes you can! Whether it is taking a quick nap or eating when blogging makes you get things done then do it! Don't do things that you think will help but never tried them before, but be open to trying new things. 

Now Those are my key 3 things to help manage my time! Be sure to comment on the things you do to help yourself!


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