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Raw & Intense: Anna Dressed In Blood - Kendare Blake

Anna Dressed in Blood (Anna, #1)Anna Dressed In Blood by Kendare Blake
Date Released: September 2011
Publisher: Tor Teen 

Pages: 316 Pages
Format: Paperback
Source: LA Festival of Books (Bought)
Rating: Loved
Series: (Anna #1)

Goodreads Synopsis: Cas Lowood, armed with his late father's athame knife, kills ghosts. In Thunder Bay, Anna, forever 16, drips blood on her white dress from throat slit in 1958, and rips apart anyone who enters her house - except Cas. He makes new friends - high school queen Carmel, jock Will, admiring nerd Thomas and Tom's voodoo grandpa Morfran - to fight this demon. 

From Goodreads

Anna Dressed In Blood was totally engrossing, vividly graphic, and it gave paranormal romance in YA something fresh it desperately needed. It gave me chills and I'm definitely glad I picked up this summer! But even with all those creepy scenes in the book, I loved it and I can't wait for book 2.

What I instantly noticed about Anna Dressed In Blood was that it was written in the POV of Cas Loswood, a guy rather than a girl, even though the author was a girl. What else could I say? Kendare Blake really captured Anna's story perfectly and I liked it even more since it was through a guy POV, which we barely see in YA. Cas had his dad's athame, a knife he uses to kill ghosts. When his mom and Cas arrive in Thunder Bay, he meets Anna, a ghost the whole town is afraid off, Cas knows that there's more to her story. Anna's story was rich and sad. It was brutal and it's puts you at the edge of your seat. The characters in the book were really unique and I really liked each on like Carmel and Tom gave the book more of a light feel contrasted with the graphic scenes throughout. Anna Dressed In Blood gets it's characters right and it's plot line is killer.

Anna Dressed In Blood also had some surprises which were something I did not see coming and I liked that a lot. It had some romance sparking with Cas and Anna and I thought that it was done well! Ghost girl falls in love with ghost hunter? I liked that concept and what makes it even better it how it wasn't fully focused on that, but more of Anna's story of opening up to this world around her. Plus, there was great action and suspense perfect for shaking up your summer pile.

Anna Dressed In Blood was tantalizing, filled chills and a concept that will intrigue every reader. It was so happy to picked up this book and it definitely was a memorable read! I'm honestly excited for book 2 and Kendare's new book Antigoddess!

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  1. I freaking adored this book! I loved it so much and the cover is awesome :) The sequel was pretty good as well.

    Great review Patrick!


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