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Falling a Bit Short: The Grass is Always Greener - Jen Calonita

The Grass Is Always Greener (Belles, #3)The Grass is Always Greener by Jen Calonita
Date Released: April 16, 2013
Publisher: Poppy

Pages: 304 Pages
Format: E-Book
Source: Library
Rating: Really Liked
Series: (Belles #3) 

Goodreads Synopsis: How many secrets can one family keep?

Amid preparations for Emerald Cove's extravagant Founders Day celebration and their own shared sweet sixteen, Isabelle Scott and Mirabelle Monroe are longing to break free from the tight constraints that come with being the daughters of a prominent public figure. When Izzie's estranged aunt, Zoe, breezes into town, the already uneasy family dynamic is turned on its head.

Izzie's finally found her footing in Emerald Cove by leading the Social Butterflies, her school's prestigious club, and she has no interest in getting to know yet another long-lost family member. But Mira, who's on a mission to try new things and make new friends, is drawn to Izzie's artsy aunt. And when Mira meets a handsome, brooding painter, her entire perspective on life begins to shift.
As tensions mount in Emerald Cove, Zoe's laid-back attitude appeals to both girls. But when she offers Izzie the chance of a lifetime, it's time to make a tough decision. What's more important: family or freedom? 

From Goodreads

I love Jen Calonita and the Belles series so much, The Grass is Always Greener was a bit less promising the the first two. It had that perfect writing, great characters, but something was missing that makes all her book cohesive and come together, like the other 2. 

It's almost time for the Founders Day in Emerald Cove but for sisters Izzie and Mira there is always more to an event then meets the eye. Plus to add to their stress, their sweet sixteen is around the corner, and Izzies's aunt Zoe makes a unacquainted visit. There's no doubt Jen likes to have a lot going in her books, which I personally love because it always keep me turning and it organized, but in TGIAG it needed something to bring it all together. Izzie was really bugging me in the book. Seriously, she was so negative and closed - minded for almost half of the book until the end when you opens up a bit. She definitely wasn't like this in the other books, also I didn't get the same connection with her like the other books, but I did love Mira in this one. The other characters were also great, like Charolette, the new guy Landon, Brayden, etc. The Belles series has such a great cast of memorable characers!

In TGISAG, we see a lot of comparisons and differences between Harborside and Emerald Cove come into play. With that there's also backstabbing and lies that got me more intrigued. Zoe actually reminds me of a character I read in a book (which I can't remember) but she had that personality and feel that I can relate too. One of my favorite scenes was the end! I loved how it was emotional for the characters but also for the reader also. You feel happy one page, then a this sad feeling, all the emotions worked great with what Izzie was feeling or what Mira had to go through with choosing Kellen or Landon. 

The Grass is Always Greener was a likeable book, but it was missing that zang Jen always delivers. But there are great moments like Mira's art class, Founder's Day, Izzie's aunt Zoe, that make it a standout from the series. Belles is the perfect series for anyone looking for a great fun and speedy contemporary that you'll always want to pick up :)

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  1. Sorry the book didn't have it's usually greatness Patrick, but I'm glad you enjoyed it overall. I've not heard of this series, but I'll definitely look into it :) Great review!

    Janina @ Synchronized Reading


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