Friday, November 16, 2012

Discussion: When Blogging Becomes To Much

I finally decided to start doing discussion posts because it seemed like an easy way to discuss blogging topics and other fun and quirky stuff all under one roof :) I'll usually post it up every month 2-3 times a least along with your guy's questions too.

This week's discussion topic is:
"When Blogging Becomes To Much"
First off, let me say that the blogging world is hard to get into but not impossible to be in.
Myth: I'll never get that much followers, books, or any of that fun ARC's, swag, etc!
Truth: It will take a while to get the books, followers, swag but blogging isn't all about that. It's something you do because you love it and you work up for those.
I remember when I first started blogging, it was completely intimidating, scary, and exciting all at the same time. I mean, who could compete with a 1000+ follower blog with a newbie like me? That's what I thought but spending loads of hours, asking help from lovely bloggers, and wanting to just share what I like: to read. But they are those day now, that blogging is just way to much to think about and I just really wanted to close it, and that's where today's discussion topic is.
Blogging takes loads of time off your "real life" really. Spending a few minutes turned into hours and went on and on. It hard to be all on Goodreads, Twitter, Blogger, etc all on the same time. But as your blog grows you learn all the tricks of scheduling post, making a to-do list, sending emails ASAP all along as you grow.  I know it takes time and it will be worth it in the end when you look at it, just watch and see. Take your blog one step at a time and for sure you can succeed in the blogging sphere.

The blogging world is something anyone can easily get into, really. If you think about that review your polishing up and publishing it all with totally be worth it, but remember it doesn't mean that your going to take up your whole day blogging. Blogging shouldn't be your whole day making you stressed out and end up not doing anything fun. Take a break is something I learned from blogging and posting up a hiatus is something your followers understand. Your have a life and make the most out of it with blogging.

Rememeber, When Blogging Becomes To Much Take a Break and read, write, and do something fun and out of the ordinary :) Now, its your time to ask any questions you have below on the form.



  1. Awesome post! :) I totally agree it's kind of one of those things you have to work toward and it's really intimidating at one point but blogging is like practicing your patience! :D (I don't have much of this patience though :P) It definitely takes a lot of work too I'm definitely starting to feel the stress now that school's back and I can't do much of anything for my blogypoo. It's all for the weekends where I also do homework because I'm stuck on Twitter all day. IT'S SO ADDICTING. No, seriously. Trust me. It's REALLY addicting. Don't actually get addicted with it because that is REALLY bad. Just take my word ;)

  2. I don't know how you two balance blogging with high school. Being a high school student these days is a ton of pressure.


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