Sunday, April 22, 2012

In My Mailbox #26-Dusk, Hunt, and Oppression

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This week was the best! Seriously, I'm love these weeks as a blogger getting these books to read! :D I'm considering this IMM post from last week and this week so it's HUGE. And if you were at LA's Festival Of Books I was there and I met so much great authors and the books!

For Review:
-Taken At Dusk by C.C Hunter. Isn't that cover great? And thanks to St. Martin's Press for this book! Still have to review the other first two.
-The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda. This looks total awesomesauce! And lots of blurbs, especially Becca Fitzpatrick commenting on it makes me love it just as more.

The Library Haul:
-And Then Things Fall Apart by Arlaina Tibensky. I like the cover alot for this one. Picked it out at the library as an impulse pick and I hope I like it since I'm really getting into Realistic Fiction.
-The Way We Fall by Megan Crewe. A virus. Quarentine. Small Island. I NEED To start on this one! I love the type of book where it involves a virus and people surviving and I'm having high expectations for this and romance! :)

And as all you know, I went to LA's Festival of Books this Saturday and it was my second year coming and I love the experience! It was aweosme and one of the most bookish social events I've ever been to and I'm sure I'm going next year! ^^

I met Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl, and Lauren Kate and the YA Panel like around 12:00 and it lasted for an hour but it felt like only 30 minutes since it was completely surreal and amazing! They talked about there books, doing a reading, and asking questions I love them! They were up beat and bubbly with their personality it was great meeting them! I did get my Beautiful Creatures book signed below:

And we took a pictures..and look there's me on the right.


And I also met Jessica Therrien author of Oppression at the festival and she was great. I'm mean her personality and bubblyness was great. I was greatful to meet her! And I bought her book signed below:

And last the awesome swag I got for me and my blogaversary giveaway #1 which you can enter HERE.

What Did You GET In Your Mailbox?? :) Leave Your Links!



  1. That sounds like so much fun!!
    Great books this week -- hope you enjoy them!

  2. Oppression was pretty great! And I really want to read Beautiful Creatures and yay for the swag! :D


  3. Awesome mailbox! :D Thanks for stopping by!

    Amber @ Fall Into Books

  4. So nice meeting you, Patrick! I hope you like Oppression :) I'm following your blog now!

  5. I was at Festival of Books too! I was thinking about getting Oppression but I have no money
    Nice hall this week :)
    -Zhanna @ A Match Made in YA Fiction

  6. Great mailbox! I just read Awake At Dawn and will be purchasing Taken At Dusk as soon as I can! Australia is seriously behind with this series… Pan Mac only published the first book at the end of last year? =S Didn't request The Hunt for review but I hope you enjoy it! Looks very badass and interesting ;) I didn't enjoy The Way We Fall much but others did so good luck! Seriously jealous that the US has so many book fairs… *sobs* Thanks for stopping by!


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