Monday, April 23, 2012

I'm Team Amity+Free Four

Ss if you guys are noticing all the hype for Veronica Roth's Insurgent Release every blogger is taking sides, and you should too! :D By sides, the fractions in Divergent and I'm Team Amity! :D
And now you too should support Team Amity! Why? Not just because were awesome but that....

  • If you love music, art, and even reading fiction, you belong on Team Amity. We're not just about peace, we're also about enjoying life's simple pleasures.

  • Our faction believes in common consent, and reaching decisions that everyone can agree on.

  • We are self-sustaining and have GREAT food.

  • And, of course, Four thinks we are beautiful

  • And of course there are more great perks:

  • The first 40 people to sign up with Team Amity will receive swag. (It's good stuff, I promise. I have a huge box at home with things I've collected from signings and from BEA)

  • Every person who signs up will get a Four Thinks I'm Beautiful bookmark.

  • Members of Team Amity will receive 5 extra entries into our group giveaway (which will begin Monday, and it's epic)

  • You will receive an email from your faction leader with special graphics that you can use on your blog, twitter, and facebook pages.

  • Team members will also be eligible for special challenges and prizes throughout the month.

    So now what you should do to become part of Team Amity:

  • Fill out our Google form so that we can email you!

  • Post our amazing graphics on your twitter, facebook page, or blog!

  • Tweet/pimp one of our links! (;

  • Write a blog post about joining Team Amity (will also earn you extra entries!)

  • And plus we also have some great Four Thinks I'm Beautiful button you can put on your blog's sidebar.

    So what ARE YOU waiting for? :) Go and Sign UP!

    And today an exclusive scene from Four/Tobias is released today just especially for hitting 35,00 pre-orders of Insurgent! *Throws Confetti* You can read the exclusive scene here.




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